working model

the site implies more
in speed 
water falls on a square
where worlds used to trade

stand sleeping men for instance, or
a woman acting unafffected
by the real crowd on the street
and the color of her skin

tv transports you to the past even 
when it’s news from today

politicians and actors are also
the sites, but no 
longer than fifty so years

sound is recorded onto a strip
magnetic and still
of a crowd receiving 
Mandela's release.

Before his speech,
the content delivers itself.
Culminating claps
smooth together like a wave
draws in so many other
uncollected recordings.
Men like us, our eyes
used to fix on nothing.

A crack opens and the whole architecture seems to be inserted into that room

Rhapsody parallel with Album

Camera movement same in different places 

Different race same image

Dressed elegantly but with burnt hands



Boats coming into Manhattan 
Trope of people leaving

Make an LP: plays over and over 

Relationship ranting
"You should call me Martin Luther King; you should call me Malcom X, too."

do you know
in my house
this furniture is next to
another furniture

this to this
that to that

to celebrate the conquest of malaysia and singapore
rubber balls were given out to korean kids

grave yards

travel to a country

scale of columns

sonata structure

repetition like shakespeare

oi hip and hop did he dad?

Every time I hug it is a different man.
My face is framed by his back.
And a hand. 
And a foot.

His name is a hero. 
Where do you wake up. (bed)
Where are you going. 
Who cuts your hair.  
Where did you grow up. 
Who greases up your hair. (hands)
Which products are they. 
How many shoes do you have. (axial)
Love covers bean husks over your eyes. Her head falters as in need of sugar. 

How about you?


Over her unfocused shoulders is an orgone box, in which 
fragments of her mother decay.

I had not known that when one's shoelaces and belt have been removed one is, in the strangest way, demoralized.

Baldwin (155)

After murdering his wife in his house the pitiless husband…

…for twelve years hid the corpse and was taken in by police.

The husband before moving day had an argument with his wife.

She did not want to move.

This led him to murder his wife.

In panic the husband sealed the body in Ziploc and wrapped it in ten folds in vinyl.

He then put her in a cardboard box.

The next day the husband moved with his daughter.

She was eight.

Among the moving boxes was also this box that contained his wife.

For twelve years the body of the wife remained in the house inside the box.

The daughter in her recent move to another house thought the box too heavy.

She found this corpse by chance.

She said,

"I never thought of opening the box since it belonged to my father. It never smelled of anything. That a body might be in it I never could have dreamt."

Look, if I put le pain above the shadow, le pain is under the shadow.

If I bleed over the shadow, my pain is under the shadow.

When they bleed, they bleed above the shadow.

Only within the contour line of each shadow.

This means I bleed more during the sunset when the shadows are long.

They stretch out of my skin over the fence, over the people, over the river.

No one sees the pain.

Le pain invisible.

Le pain invisible.

innocent face.
tired yesterday although healthy today.
lit in the eye.
similar face.

I would like to ask you a question.
Who cleans up the bathroom here.
Hold your chair above your head.
Bite your teeth.
Lest your cheeks should tear.

in woman’s voice.
same intonation.
in repeat.
bowl and light.
color of blue and hair.
projection on screen and live story telling
narrow space
interview them and let them answer with your words.

If she didn't want her son "cut to ribbons" she had better keep him at home.
Baldwin 86

And who has not dreamed of violence?
Baldwin 213

people like paper dolls
easy to play with hands
lower angle shot
intricate ceiling arrangement

-There were many students
Count them.

One is like this.
Two is like this.
Three is like this.

axial cut within one person
during his speech
is it easy to cut to another person?

day and night
quick turn around
no hesitance in sound.

receding in track
framed by verticals.
recede likewise
framed by my poles.
columns with pendentives.
people in dissolves.

tasteful set
one person’s touch and choice.
decoration is also
a form of strength.

Twice it’s told.
Once he tells her.
Once she tells him the same.

He shows me the scene.
He shows me the place.
But always
he's shown in a place
he’s never been.

His hand held tight
by her hand .
They walk on question marks
answered in his monologues
and her silence at the end
of which all can hark
a cry of a unknown bird.

contrast within face.
contrast to the background, a few f-stops.
gleaming eyes and eyelashes.
sound off screen.
zoom out to speaker off frame.

And if the eyes of those men had had the power to pulverize that car, it would  have been done...I had never in all my life seem such a concentrated, malevolent poverty of spirit.  
Baldwin 78 no name in that street

Vicious eyes

The representatives of the status quo are sickened and divided, and  dread looking into the eyes of their young. 
Baldwin 89 no name

cloth is water.
pose from a story
becomes significant in imitation.

little girls have their poles.
taller boys have their poles.
As the wind blows open the streamers,
bodies slice up to the view.
Her hand holds a hand of a man,
whose eyes look out from a head that cases them.

Radio of news sound,
even when unplugged.
Their hands carry
these machines
before throwing
these radio
these phone
these boxes with cables and cords
down from high up.

They will shatter
on transparency
looking up wide angle.

Body broken
on grass
on dirt
on water.

They buck her skin
and produce
thousand cries of the drowning men.

bodies over architecture.
bodies inside architecture.
body inside a box.
body wrapped in a cloth.
murder and play.
music is folk.

two cuts
axial but eschewed
natural overexposed light in the back.

excised heart in display
music and track

what replaces the heart now like this stolen engine?

green out the window over white curtain.
flanking walls.
disrobe and look into your shoulder and other parts off screen.

You are born where you were born and faced the future that you faced because you were black and for no other reasons. 
Baldwin 7 the fire next time

She hears this or read this. 
Wished she crossed a dark alley
So dark that only black cats are discerned.  
Wished she were white student uniform, a short sleeve from the 70s, 1970s. 
Finally she hovers as she moves through spots lit by  discreet lamp posts. 

One who says "you exaggerate" might have been preparing the response with a group of others. 

A dream by each cat,
Spoke to a walkie talkie.

the respectful distance for aggressive gaze.
grocers and customers.
where does the camera stand?
pan left and right.

telephoto following a movement.
walk left to write from afar.
what is around is a blur.
kurosawa does this in rashomon.
an aboriginal walk in the woods.
light and color cast onto your skin and off.

play so that we are all having fun.
have hours to release and invite joe to speak his mind.
cut (as if the storyteller says, “and then..,” “and then..,” and “and then.”
sound recorded afterwards

when play turns into work.
close up and sound breaks the dream.
or ignites it.

game can just be watched.
often with music.

Who is your father. 
This man
On the street 
Watering streets
Picking up carcass
With a plastic helmet
Rubber apron 
Walking on mud.

Murder in a box.
She tells the story.
Seen through a glass.
He tells a story.
The third just changes clothes.
Others listen to the radio as he leaves.
 A moving speech and an applause. 
Track and dolly in the woods.
A labyrinth made without a scheme. 
She screams thunder. 

He seemed extraordinary at first mainly by his silence.

86 Baldwin

I am born in 2000.
It repeats.

This is my niece.
this is not my niece.




Their sons

And a friend

And actors

Whose rooms are cleaned by